Originally, Carved Candles been mentioned during Baroque era – a period of artistic style, began around 1600 in Rome, Italy, and spread to most of Europe.
Baroque style included all types of arts such as sculpture, painting, music, etc., and was very much appreciated by the European aristocracy.  Carving candles was sort of candles sculpture.
As a person appreciating special art style, I have spent a lot of time, studding various methods, old days and modern technology.  Adding to this my imagination, passion and love, today I am able to produce for my clients, the best art products - Carved Candles.

Hi.  It’s me Eve and EveCandles is my Art Studio where I produce my special magnificent Carved Candles, which I wish to share with you and I’m sure you will love them. I produce them in variation of colors as a single candle and sets of two and three Carved Candles.
My Carved Candles are ideal gift for yourself or anyone else you wish to make a wonderful surprise. 
They are wonderful to spend a romantic eve around a table with a bottle of wine or Champaign.
They are great decoration for your home and office.
They can upgrade any ceremony and festive event.
They are ideal for wedding – combination of white plain Carved Candles, white with light blue and white with light pink colors.
They can come with any greetings and prays.
They can be ordered with any company or event logo or icon.
You just name it.